Wednesday, April 4, 2012

366 Photo Project - Photo 33: Blowing His Coat

Sometimes the iPhone really is a lifesaver for photo taking isn't it? I actually used it to document my recent San Fran trip this past weekend. It's absolutely terrible in low light situations but the amount of noise in the photo can only be expected. Onto photo 33! The picture is of Khuno's fur that I managed to comb out after 2 hours of sitting with him while watching The Voice. That was only the fur from his back groin area near his hind legs. He hates being brushed and wasn't impressed at all. That little face of his in the photo... imagine his usual smile turned upside down. He managed to tolerate me for about an hour before Jamie had to hold him for the other hour. He's been pretty smelly with the spring weather so I'm hoping combing out some of his undercoat will help that. 

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