Friday, April 13, 2012


If you live in Edmonton, there's a tasty little bistro that deserves a visit. It's called Dahlia's Mediterranean Bistro. It's on High Street right near MEC. Their menu is short and simple. A few of us decided to eat here for lunch during one of our meetings at Plaza 124. It used to be a tasty little catering company here. I wasn't sure what to order at first so I asked the owner, who was also the chef. He said that their falafel pita was just voted one of the top 25 things to try in Edmonton. Bam! It sold me. I told him he was a good salesman and he said the food sells itself. Bam again!
I also ordered a greek salad to go with it. The pita was quite simple really. He slathered it with hummus, then filled it with some greens, falafel, pickled turnips and finished with a touch of hot sauce. The salad was nothing special and it was actually quite expensive for the amount I got. They should really put it into a bowl instead of on a plate to make the serving size look better. Onto the star of the meal though, the falafel pita. It was so flipping delicious. The other ladies had the shawarma and they described the food as "very flavorful". They weren't kidding! I've tried making falafels before and I've eaten both good and bad ones. These ones were moist and seasoned well. The pickled turnips gave just the right hit of acid to balance out the creamy hummus. I actually couldn't finish about 1/3 of it because of my late morning snack so I wrapped it up and to eat later. I left it in my lunch bag and the next morning realized I had forgotten about it. It was so tasty the day before that I thought, "Screw it, I'm heating it up and eating it anyways." Well let me tell you, it was just as tasty the next day even after it had sat out all night in my lunch bag. I'm going to bring Jamie here because the falafel was just that good. Do it. Go. Today if possible. 

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