Tuesday, April 10, 2012

366 Photo Project - Photo 38: Happiness Is...

Jamie is still in Las Vegas so I decided to cook myself some spaghetti for supper today. I made the same sized pot of sauce and noodles as if Jamie were here to eat it. This left me 4 containers of leftovers. Smart or stupid? Probably a bit of both. You know what's absolutely stupid though? I always try to multitask when I'm cooking. This usually includes me cranking on the stove before I've even pulled out the cutting board. No matter what I'm cooking, it usually starts with a bit of oil and garlic in the pan. I'd say 80% of the time, I don't move as fast as I'd like to think I do and the garlic will be slightly charred. Today's supper was different. My garlic didn't char, but rather browning nicely with the onions. In an attempt to cool the pan down to avoid the looming char demon, I rip open the package of ground beef and dump it in. Do you foresee the problem yet? I didn't either. I had another old half onion to chop up so I did that before I went back to break up that hunk of beef I just threw in. What do I find on the bottom side of that hunk o' cow? The bloody plastic tissue liner they put the meat on. Of course the plastic side went down first and proceeded to melt into the bottom of the pan. I could've been super lazy and just keep cooking, hoping that I wouldn't get the runs later, but I opted to err on the side of not being stupid. I dump out all the contents into a frying pan I had conveniently left on the stove from yesterday's breakfast and scrubbed the pot clean before carrying on with my meat sauce. I guess my laziness with frying pan washing paid off. 
Are you confused about what this whole blog post is about? I'm getting there, I promise. While eating my plastic-free spaghettini and meat sauce, I look down and saw this in my bowl. Still confused? Here it is: Happiness is looking into your almost empty bowl, finding there are mostly mushrooms left. 

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