Tuesday, March 27, 2012

366 Photo Project - Photo 32: Puppies

You gotta love the little critters eh? Actually, they aren't that little. I think Khuno weighed in at 65 pounds last time and Audi checked in at a whopping 58 pounds! I have no idea how much Chalkie weighs, but I'm guessing at least 25. He is a solid ball of pure muscle. They may all look like they're chillaxing, but they were all barking up a storm trying to "speak" to earn their treat. It took my brother, Jamie and my mom to get them quarantined into a group for me to snap some pictures. It's so fun watching them all play together every Saturday at my parents' house. It's more Khuno and Audi that play and Chalkie just sorta sneaks in a sniff or paw here and there. 

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