Monday, May 23, 2011

Chinese Invites Part 2

Me and Chinese invites are not jiving very well. They are the bane of my existence right now. GRRR!!! Good thing I have my cousin in Hong Kong that can help me read/type up the words I need. And can't forget good old Google Translate. That has also been a live saver. Remember my first attempt at this darn invite a few weeks ago? 
I think we finally got it right now. After many edits and driving my cousin and I crazy, we hopefully have the final draft here. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Invites Progress

Not a lot of pictures to post but I thought I'd share with you how the invites are going. 
Jamie has become my little stamper and I've been the cutter. He's actually ridiculously fast at stamping and is now very proficient at using the Stamp-a-ma-jig! I chose to be the cutter and we've got a little assembly line going. He actually stamps and glues faster than I can cut! Here's the unassembled pieces of our invitation. 
Now I told you how we managed to make 24 invites so far, 20 of them being Vietnamese. Here's a picture of the 20 Vietnamese ones we made. I don't think the plain English ones will have that double happiness seal. It'll likely be our monogram because I made Jamie make 100 of those suckers!  

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Few Updates & Thoughts.

I've been terrible at keeping up both blogs. I just wanted to write a few things before I head to bed. First off, Jamie and I have been working on invites non-stop. We're doing it assembly-line style while watching Grey's Anatomy. Why Grey's you ask? Because I have 7 seasons of it on the computer. No other reason. I think once we're done that, we may subscribe to Netflix for their 1 month free trial and watch movies for the remainder of the wedding crafting. So last night, we officially completed 4 invitations. Sounds pretty crappy but we did also make about 20 Vietnamese invites for Jamie's mom a month ago. So really, we're at 24! 

Jamie is on cycle 2 out of 4 for the 17 Day Diet. He's lost 13 lbs so far! He can finally start staggering in some brown rice and lean beef. There's a few other things like certain seafoods but I don't pay much attention because I failed at the diet miserably. 
Next I wanted to talk a bit about The Canadian Cancer Society's Relay For Life. This will be my second year participating in this amazing and emotional event. My friend, Penny, started Team Dawn after her mom, Dawn, passed away. Jamie's uncle passed away very suddenly from a brain tumor. The same type of tumor that also claimed the father of my brother's friend. Cancer has unfortunately touched every one of our lives. I'm trying to raise at least $500 this year to help Team Dawn reach it's goal of $7500. If you'd like to donate, please visit this link. Yesterday Jamie made his famous chocolate puff wheat squares and I sold them at work for $2 a piece. The grand total raised... $32! Tomorrow I'll be bringing in banana bread for $2 a piece. Wednesday Arlie has kindly offered to bake some of her awesome chocolate chip cookies and Lorraine will be making something for Thursday. I have such amazing friends at work. 

Last little bit of thoughts here. I was driving home today and along 107 Ave, I see a familiar face. No, this face wasn't that of a friend. It wasn't a relative or even an acquaintance. Before my work changed buildings, we used to be a Streetworks Needle Exchange outreach site. Drug users can bring in their dirty needles and syringes in exchange for new ones. I know many people don't agree with this type of healthcare but that's a topic for another day. Since we stopped providing this service, a few of us always wonder what happened to our regular clients. I often find myself asking if they are safe or if the street life has finally claimed their life. Today I saw a familiar face. She looked older. Not wrinkles and grey hair older, but fatigued and worn out. She was standing on a street corner and although I was very happy to see her alive, my heart sank. It sank because I know what she has to do to stay alive isn't called living. I hope she finds help before it's too late.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chinese Invites

Can you believe that in 5 months, I'll be Mrs. Khau?!? 5 months from now at this time we'll have already exchanged our vows, eaten dinner, cut the cake and likely toasting or dancing! Bah!!! There's so much left to do! I've just spent the last 3 hours sorting out these blasted Chinese invites!!! Man, it is not easy trying to make things look pretty. Thank goodness my word program was able to read the Chinese font that my cousin from HK, Michelle, sent me. Hope everyone got out and enjoyed some of the sunshine this weekend!