Friday, April 6, 2012

Amazon Annoyance

While I was in San Fran, I received a confirmation email from for 2 gift card purchases of $115 each sent to an email that I don't know. After attempting to log into Amazon several times, I thought my password was wrong so I reset it again and again, still unable to log in. So I sent them an email saying perhaps I received a phishing email. 3 days later I still haven't heard back from them. So today I contact their live chat help. You can see our little conversation on the left. I am beyond annoyed. If Amazon had put my account on hold, they should have notified me. For me to not even be able to log in to see my account is ridiculous. I wasted a lot of time resetting my password again and again. Amazon should have at least had a prompt that told me my account was on hold and to contact them or they will contact me. It just kept saying it couldn't log in and if I forgot my password, click here. I've used live chat help before for other companies and never did the rep just leave. Mr. Jayakumar, you suck at customer service. Amazon, you also suck at customer service. 

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