Monday, March 4, 2013


Last weekend Jamie and I had our annual dental check-up and afterwards, decided to frolic downtown. It took a little bit to find parking but finally managed to make it to the City Market inside City Hall. It was bustling with vendors, customers and live music. The vendors that we hit up: Green Valley Farms, Theo's Greek Kouzina, Shooting Star Ranch and Fruits of Sherbrooke. We always get our elk antlers and elk jerky from Shoot Start Ranch. Khuno loves gnawing on those suckers. Fruits of Sherbrooke was a vendor we've never seen before. Their story is they take urban fruits that would otherwise go to waste, and make yummy things out of them! I'm sure you've all seen the large number of rotten apples on the ground in people's yards. These folks will swoop in and rescue them. This jam we bought has a lovely pureed texture (I'm not a fan of big chunks of fruit on my toast) and isn't too sweet. They also make things like Chipotle Ketchup, which I've heard is quite delicious. 
After the market, we walked past City Hall to De Dutch on Jasper Ave. We had very similar Dutch pancakes in Amsterdam so it definitely brought us back to our honeymoon days. Really quaint bright atmosphere and there was no lineup at all, which surprised us. It's a nice change of taste from the typical Cora's breakfast. We both chose savory items but they had a massive list of sweet treats to choose from. It was such a gorgeous day to be out walking and we almost forgot about all the wonderful things to do in the city. There were people skating on the free public ice right outside City Hall. There was a free gigantic chess set for anyone who wanted to play and there was a shinny hockey tournament going on all afternoon! If you're bored and have nothing to do next Saturday, downtown is full of fun things including the mall! You'll be reminded of our lovely downtown by all the buttons people are wearing that support #yegdt. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Asian Glazed Drumsticks

Skinny Taste is a blog I found a long time ago through my good friend, Penny. This tasty recipe for Asian Glazed Drumsticks was easy to make and if you pop over to the website, her photo makes it look much more appetizing. As you all know, Jamie and I aren't ones to follow recipes exactly so we never did get a nice ooey gooey sauce like the recipe said we should. It was actually a big wok of boiling watery sauce but that's okay! Definitely worth a try if you're looking for something tasty to have with a nice big bowl of fluffy white rice.