Saturday, April 7, 2012

366 Photo Project - Photo 36: Snow Play

You know how dogs do the weirdest things sometimes? Like when they decide to roll around in the snow for no apparent reason? Khuno does that a lot, especially on the snow in our front yard. One day Jamie rings the doorbell while I'm downstairs crafting. I wasn't expecting anyone so I creep upstairs and don't see anyone in the window. I head back downstairs and I hear another doorbell. Now I'm all paranoid and I duck down and race to the backdoor to make sure it's locked and the alarm is on. I head back to the living room all hunched over to check things out and I hear someone rummaging through the mailbox. That's when I see that it's flippin' Jamie! All he said when I opened the door (after I ran to turn off the alarm), "Khuno doesn't want to come inside." So we sat there on the front porch, our little family, taking in the gorgeous winter day. 

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