Sunday, April 13, 2014

Old Photo to Share

Back in November I had the amazing opportunity to work with JUST RAW Studios shooting Kenneth and Rae's wedding. They are one of the sweetest and most gorgeous couples I've met. I felt right at home since it was an Asian wedding and I understood the language! It was like I was attending my own family member's wedding so it was extra special. Working alongside a great friend, +Justin Mah , was the icing on the cake. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Big 3-0 = A Big Year

No, I didn't just turn the big 3-0. As a matter of fact I'm closer to 31 than I am to 30 now! I didn't do a year in review on January 1st like I did last year but I'm going to do a "30 years old" recap instead. I rung in the big three decade birthday surrounded by friends. It was a fabulous day full of food, laughter and great people. It rained all morning and cleared up so that we could have a nice BBQ and fire pit. This picture makes me smile and it's only one in a series of 5. Cracks me up that whenever someone says "let's do a funny shot!", all the Asians will automatically bust out of the peace fingers. Can't wait to look back at this when I'm 40, 50, 60 etc. 
July also marked a year since starting a new management job. I survived a year in my not-so-new job and that in itself is a big reason to celebrate! 

Fast forward to November and I did the unthinkable! I bought a new car and sold my 1991 Honda Accord. That Honda served my parents, then my brother and lastly, me oh so well. If definitely cost us over the years but I had the joy of having my own car at the age of 16! The freedom was priceless! I drove that car for 14 years! To think that it only sold for $500 makes me almost feel like I just threw it to the curb. As +Van Tran and I drove away, I couldn't help but cry tears of sadness as we left behind my baby. Hopefully it serves the buyer as well as it has served me. Almost forgot to tell you what I replaced the Honda with! I got myself a 2014 red Subaru Forester. It's been lovely to have heated seats. 
Mid November +Jamie Khau and I went on our 2nd "honeymoon" to Hong Kong, Thailand and Korea. It was fabulous to get away for 2 weeks to explore 2 countries we have never visited before. The awesome part was that we were able to meet up with +Marilyn Song and +Carmen Mah in Seoul! How cool is that?!? 

December creeps up as usual and we got an early Christmas present: a baby Khau! It's been such an amazing pregnancy so far and I have nothing to complain about. Minimal nausea, fatigue that's no different than my normal laziness fatigue, no weird cravings and almost no food aversions. I get nauseous all. the. time. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was pregnant and one of the lucky ones that could eat whatever and not hug the toilet after! Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy goes just as smoothly. I'm due August 22, 2014. Only 186 more days left to go!  

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sweetness is...

being an aunt. I can't believe my lil niece is not so little anymore! The last time I posted a picture of her, we were welcoming autumn. Now she's 6 months old, sitting, eating solids and still the giggliest, happy, easygoing baby that she's always been. I'm so grateful that I can snuggle her every week (as long as I can pry her away from her grandparents' hands). This picture on the left was taken when she was about 4 1/2 months. The ones below are closer to 5 1/2 months. From tummy time to sitting up all on her own. She did have a few "timber" types of falls but I decided against posting those since +Cynthia Chau probably wouldn't approve. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Welcome Winter

Posting once per season is really abysmal, I admit it. I have the usual slew of excuses like life is busy, work is consuming blah blah blah but in they are just that. Excuses. So I won't bore you too much with a lengthy update. It'll be the Cole's Notes of the last 2 months. Right after we went out that gorgeous autumn day to take some photos, Jamie went to play soccer the next morning and came home with a torn Achilles tendon. A clean rip. So we spent the long weekend in the ER, waiting for assessment, scans, consults from ortho etc. Things actually went a lot smoother than I had anticipated. We were seen on Sunday afternoon, he got a temporary cast and came home. Monday morning we went back to the hospital for an ultrasound and waited in emerg again for an orthopedic consult. The doc came by and just suggested he get admitted. He was on call for surgery Tuesday and actually got operated on Tuesday night! Fast forward 2 months and he's doing physio now with a right calf that shrunk 2 inches smaller than his left! 

During his healing, we went on a 2 week adventure to Asia. Jamie hobbled along in his plastic aircast and he did amazingly well considering he just started bearing weight a couple days before we left. We stopped in Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Seoul. We ate a lot (as usual) and went from 35 degrees Celsius in Bangkok to -10 degrees in Seoul. Now we are home and welcoming Old Man Winter today as winter officially begins. 2014 in T minus 10 days!  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Welcome Autumn

 This happens to all of us every year. We open our eyes one morning and ask ourselves, "Why the heck is it so dark out?" Then we climb out of our warm bed into the cold house and realize that autumn has arrived. There's such a small window of time where the sun rise happens right about the same time you wake up and that small window was 2 weeks ago for me. Jamie has been travelling a lot lately so I've been walking Khuno and although mornings just destroy me, it felt so amazing to be out in the crisp air with the sunrise and my gorgeous pup. Now it's just plain dark and I'm reminded of how miserable it's going to be when not only is it going to be dark, but it'll be flippin' cold and snowy. We did manage to get out this past weekend to snap some fall family photos. Here's a little updated family photo and for not planning our outfits, we coordinated pretty well. And for not taking very many photos, +Van Tran did a pretty darn good job snapping our family pic. None of us could beat lil Annalise's cuteness though. She's giggling and smiling now which just melts everyone's heart. I <3 U little peanut! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Card Biz Update

Remember way back last spring when I was so excited to announce that I was taking on a little business adventure with a local store? I just thought it was time for an update on how things are going with that venture. The store is called Apple Box Boutique and it's located in the heart of Highlands. Leanne is the wonderful owner of this unique store and she has been so supportive of local artisans that the store is loaded with products from my greeting cards, small local company bath and body products, locally painted artwork to hand-sewn quilts. The focus of her store is the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and you can see the paint in action with all the painted furniture in the store. Sales have been slow since the cards were all kept in a little box on a counter, but after some discussion we decided to have a display shelf to draw more customers to the product. How amazing is Leanne for allowing me to have the space that she has? Jamie impressed me when he built this card rack and after some sanding and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, there it sits in all its glory. Smack dab in the middle of the store, directly across from the checkout counter. I'm not expecting to sell hundreds of cards but just seeing them all displayed out like that sure makes a gal feel good.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ribbon Tag Blankie

This past weekend Jinnee and I stopped by the Creative Stitches & Crafting Show held at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park. There wasn't a lot that we purchased since neither of us prepared by having projects in mind. The old me would've bought charm packs and jelly rolls like they were free but the new me resisted and only walked away with some washi tape, one sheet of letter stickers and a kit to make this little ribbon tag square. I have loads of ribbon and flannel at home but I didn't have that nice soft chenille at home so I splurged on this cute kit. It's from Earthy Goods Quilting and put me out only $8.95! It only took just under 2 hours with numerous breaks so this would make a great gift for someone! Hopefully Annalise will like it! Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend!