Saturday, April 7, 2012

366 Photo Project - Photo 35: Puppy Date

I've spent my entire day (literally from 9:30-3:00) processing photos from my camera. As I've said before, I may not post a new picture everyday for this 366 Photo Project but that doesn't mean I'm not taking them! I finally got around to processing the past 2 months worth of photos and I'm so happy to finally delete them off my camera. Jamie has this thing for keeping raw files but they are just so darn massive and annoying to keep. Why you might ask? Because I end up deleting a lot of photos while I'm processing them in Lightroom but I don't keep a list of all the ones I delete. So when I go to clear out my memory card, I don't want to have to sort through them to see which ones I've kept and which ones I've dumped. What happens then is that I end up keeping all the raw files! Jamie's rationale, which I totally agree with, is if I ever needed to go back and edit the photo, the raw file would be a lifesaver. But it's just so many photos!!! If you have any suggestions for me on how to improve my workflow and backing up of files (I'm directing this to you Justin), please let me know. 
Anyways this photo is from way back in February. Julie and I decided to have a Project Life night so she packed up a bit of supplies and her puppy for a night of scrapping and doggy fun. It was really funny watching Toffee because she didn't want to play with Khuno at first and when Khuno finally got tired of waiting for Toffee, that's when she decided she'd poke the big white bear. Don't let her size fool you though because she definitely put Khuno in his place whenever he was being inappropriate. We couldn't get Khuno to sit up beside Julie no matter how hard we tried so we just settled on a laying down picture. 

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