Friday, June 24, 2011

Ribbon, Cards and Flowers! Oh my!

I spent the last few days making some thank you cards and I cleared out a lot of Fabriclands in Edmonton because the ribbon was buy 1 meter get 3 meters free. You read that right! Buy 1 get 3 free! Here's just a few pictures of what we've been working on. 

Surprise Bridal Shower.

I mentioned a couple posts ago that my lovely work family threw me a surprise bridal shower. We had some delicious food and some fun games. Many of you have probably played the "make a wedding dress with toilet paper" game but perhaps not many of you have played the greener version of it. The girls at work know I'm a bit of a recycling nazi so instead of toilet paper, they used newsprint paper from The Edmonton Journal! After we were finished, we just threw the whole lot into a recycling bag. Much nicer and more sanitary than reusing toilet paper. If you're wondering where the inspiration for the dress came from, it's from a show called... My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC. Apparently they love big slutty dresses on there. That's why my cup size grew to a C in this photo. You can't see it, but they also made my butt grow a couple sizes too. 
Daisy's cousin also made me a stunning cake. It was her first time using marshmallow fondant and it turned out amazing. The cake was an Oreo cake. Thanks again work family. You guys rock!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amber & Mike's Maternity Shoot.

Amber and Mike are expecting their first baby and so we decided to do a little maternity shoot before Mike had to go out of town to work. It worked out really well despite raining for a portion of the day. We trespassed into the muddy field by their place when there was a break in the rain. Daisy was our creative director. She had a lot of visions that she wanted us to recreate. These are some of my favorites. 

Engagement Celebration!

It was super busy last weekend. Jamie and I had our engagement party with roasted pig and all with the family. Afterwards I got a lovely surprise bridal shower from my work family. It was a great weekend. Here's a few photos from the engagement celebration.

 Can you believe the size of that pig Jamie is carrying? That's considered a small pig and it was $130 from a place called Tasty BBQ in chinatown. 
 Traditionally the groom comes to the bride's house bearing gifts on platters. So the different platters shown above have things from fruit, tea, buns, abalone, to homemade coconut sticky rice. 

Jamie's family's tradition is to get the bride earrings. Originally they were going to pass his grandmother's earrings onto me but his mom didn't like how they looked so she bought a new pair. We'll keep these for my future daughter or daughter-in-law! 
 After the gifts have been exchanged, it's part of Vietnamese culture for the bride and groom to present my parents with tea. It's to thank and honor them for giving me life, raising me and shaping me into who I am today. After they finish the tea, it's good fortune to give back a red pocket. 
After all the little traditions were complete, it was time for a feast! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Polo! I'm here, I'm here! Just wanted a quick update on invitations! They are done and now I'm just working on addressing them all. The process was very lengthy. It took hours and hours but we finally reached the finish line with these suckers. I figured out why the invitations took so long! Each invite consisted of 14 pieces and for the Vietnamese/Chinese invites, throw in another 2 layers for a whopping 16 pieces! The amount of stamping, gluing and assembling was insane. I went through those 36 yard long glue rolls like it was free! 
And while I was cutting, Jamie took on a part of the favors. Making 250 little "Thank you" tags. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

24 More Invites!

You read that right folks! After hours of slaving away at the bloody invites, I have 24 more left to make. It's been a very long road. I had a nice stretch of days off and have been working on invites every day. All that work leads to something else... Sugar cravings! Jamie has been so strict on his diet and he's seeing a huge payoff. His last update was almost 20 lbs!! How amazing is that?! He's also craving refined sugars so what'd we do this evening instead of working on the 24 invites? Baked! I was craving brownies with a glass of milk and he decided to make carrot cake. We made 2 versions of carrot cake. One was flour free (can you guess who made that one?) and it consisted of ground flax seed and protein powder. The other one just had whole wheat flour with less sugar and oil. 
What's all that white stuff you ask? Nope, it ain't dandruff. It's salt. I love brownies sprinkled with some salt and unfortunately we are out of the coarse sea salt so that's why it looks like white powder instead of those pretty little salt crystals. I originally started off eating half a piece. I ate that with some vanilla ice cream. Then I ate the other half with a glass of milk. By the time I finished that last half, I still had half my milk left so I decided to cut another half. It definitely hit the spot and now I feel like I'm 20 weeks preggo.