Friday, January 6, 2012

Sew Your Own Clutches!

This Christmas my girlfriends decided to try something different. Instead of doing a secret santa gift exchange, we all opted to do a stocking stuffer exchange instead. Each girl would make her own stocking and instead of getting one gift, we all got 13 gifts! I really liked the idea of getting something small for every girl instead of just one. I had found a tutorial way back on Martha Stewart's website on how to make your own fabric clutch. After watching the video, it seemed easy enough. I didn't take pictures through the process of sewing these clutches because I just simply didn't have time! I ordered the clutch frames from Upstyle, who is the lady that does the video tutorial. Instead of poking around looking for cheaper frames and such, I just opted to buy hers because it was the same ones she used in her tutorial. I ordered 20 frames, 10 in silver and 10 in gold. I purchased most of my fabric from Earthly Goods and just a few from Fabricland and Stampin' Up! The fusible fleece and fabric stabilizer I got from Fabricland and I made personalized labels using the recommended Jacquard Inkjet Sheets. I had a hard time finding the Gutermann Glue so I purchased the E-6000 glue from Michael's to glue the clutch frames on. My poor hubby was sucked in to helping me glue because he was way better at it and was able to stand the stink of the glue. "I used to build model airplanes." 
 There's a couple clutches missing from the picture including the one I made with my beloved Joel Dewberry fabric, my SIL's clutch and my tester one. Sewing 15 clutches took a fair chunk of my time. As Jamie put it, "Sooooo many purses."
Then of course I make the poor guy help me wrap them because I needed his fingers to help me hold and tie. I reused some old packing paper to try and stay green and made some gift tags with my card making supplies (which I've neglected lately). 


Cynthia and Van Blog said...

They're all so lovely... After seeing the picture, I want them all!! Can I request one for every Christmas? Ohhh a blue one.... Then a white one.... Maybe a purple one .... Awh I'm greedy

Julie said...

Sandy they're so beautiful! I love how they look all together. Thank you for giving me the BELOVED JOEL DEWBERRY.... you know I appreciate it and will take good care of it!! You did an AMAZING job :)