Friday, January 27, 2012

365 Photo Project - Photo 14

This photo was actually taken in the fall just after our wedding. I was really disappointed that our photographer didn't ask me for my engagement ring for the ring shots that they took. Jamie spent a lot of time looking and I love my rings so we decided to take our own ring shots! Looking at the photo now, I wish I had rotated the wedding band just over a touch so you could see the detail on the side. I think the detailing on the actual rings are what make the rings unique. We had originally tried taking shots of the rings by hanging them on some berry branches but the branches with actual berries were all too flimsy to hold up the weight of the rings. After numerous failed attempts with the crappy branches and bad lighting, I gave up. As we were coming back up the dog trail, the sun was setting and I saw a beautiful log. People around must have thought I was crazy because I was laying on the ground in an off-leash dog park in my wedding dress with a camera in hand, with a man (presumed to be my new hubby) standing behind me holding a superstore grocery basket and dog. I'll share that story later. 

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