Saturday, January 14, 2012

365 Photo Project - Photo 3

First off, I did not take that picture on the left. I've stolen it from a google search. I am not doing so hot with this project. Jamie recently started taking some extra night classes and that's left me to being alone on some weeknights. He amazes me with his drive to constantly better himself. He reads all the time and for his introductory class that he registered for at NAIT, it turned out that he was too advance! He ended up registering for some intense more advanced classes and when I say intense, it means 3 days worth of classes. He's gone Friday night, Saturday all day and Sunday morning. That's left me to poke around the house doing things that he normally does, which is basically everything. Anyways, onto photo project 3. This past week's theme was to photograph in low light settings. Indoors is a great example of this. One might think that just because we have all the lights on in our dining room it makes for good shooting settings, but one would be wrong! Here are 2 pictures that was taken in my dining room. They are Jamie's version of a danish pancake. He found a cast iron danish pancake pan at Superstore for $10. He used a basic pancake batter recipe and filled it with fresh bananas. After feeding me and a couple friends, I had the great idea of adding Nutella! At first it started off with us smearing it on the little round balls of tasty, but it took us about 5 minutes to decide to add it into the inside with the banana! I'd give you a recipe if it weren't made up from inside Jamie's head. 

Each of us girls ate one bowl each. Then I rolled them out the door on their merry way, full and happy. 

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