Wednesday, January 25, 2012

365 Photo Project - Photo 12

I'm so glad I get to use Khuno as my subject all the time! I hope I don't turn out to be crazy dog lady who treats him like my first born child... This week's theme is macro shots. This really isn't a macro considering Khuno's head is really quite large. I will attempt to take some macro shots this week. One challenge will be the engagement ring! Stay tuned! 


JUST RAW Studios said...

Hey Sandy,

If you want to take real good macro shots, and you don't have any macro lenses, you can take any regular lens and make it a macro lens with this tool:

It's called an extension tube. It basically brings the focal point to be much much closer to the lens (sometimes almost even touching the glass).

The only drawback with using these extension tubes is that you will have to manually adjust the focus, and you will be required to use a combination of the zoom ring and focus ring in order to focus properly (you will know what I mean if you have a chance to try it out).

Here is an example of what is possible with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens with an extension tube (no cropping was done), on Mar's ring:

Mar's Ring

The only thing I regret is not changing the aperture to f/10 or higher to get a larger focal range, which is required for jewelry photography.

Good luck with your challenge!!

Sandy said...

Super cool Justin! I'll have to talk to Jamie about it. Gorgeous shot!!