Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Morning

You read that blog title correct! I was in fact, awake this morning at 7:30 AM. Last night Jamie reminded me that we had a dentist appointment this morning at 9:00 AM. "Why?! Why would I do that to myself?" I asked Jamie. It's not that I can't get up early, but sleep is just oh so nice. Every year I always get a lecture from my dentist on proper brushing because the backs of my teeth are stained like mad. Today as he was doing his initial exam, he came across those same stains and let out an unprofessional, "Ewwuugh". It's a good thing I wasn't embarrassed. My response, "I know they're stained, there's no need for the lecture. Just clean them so I can restain them." I love my dentist. We have a special relationship. After bickering with him about my flossing technique and him pushing me to go on a cruise for our honeymoon, we finished at the dentist at 10. On the way home I decided to make Jamie do a detour to Planet Organic. I had purchased some soap the last time I was there and actually quite liked it so I grabbed another couple of bars along with a bar of goat milk soap. It's supposed to be really moisturizing for eczema. I almost got the bright red bar with anti-bacterial acne fighting properties until I smelt it and almost threw up. 

I actually almost threw up a lot today now that I think about it. I gagged a few times at the dentist, then smelling that God awful soap and then several times when I was smelling different essential oils. A lady actually laughed at me when I told Jamie that many of the oils made me gag. I finally settled on some grapefruit essential oil. Why do I need some of that expensive crap oil you might ask? I was poking around on Pinterest and found a pin on homemade carpet powder. Khuno's food is very fishy so the basement (my crafting lair) always has a weird odor. Hopefully the baking soda/grapefruit oil will help eliminate some of that. We also purchased some new toilet bowl cleaner and dish soap. The dish soap smells awesome but still comes in second place behind Amway's Legacy of Clean Dish Drops. That stuff is still my all time fav.

After the bit of shopping we decided to stroll ( over to Credo for a beverage. Their rooibos london fogs are another one of my favorite things. Lattes are quite tasty as well. Turns out our neighbor knows the owner! We had taken our engagement photos at Credo and even though we have had many conversations with the owner, I still wonder if he recognizes us. I got my answer today when he commented on how well the engagement photos turned out! I emailed him the link after Katch posted it on their blog. 

Now I'm not sure if any of you have been to Queen of Tarts before, but if not, please go. Yes some may think it's expensive compared to the local favorite, The Duchess, but supporting local businesses is important to me. The Duchess boasts about their use of quality ingredients but what sets Queen of Tarts apart is their use of local ingredients. Support local always costs more but I don't mind paying the extra cost. I had my heart set on this amazing bread with cherry tomatoes, but sadly it wasn't being made due to the lack of fresh local cherry tomatoes. The owner said she'll be bringing that back in February. If getting downtown doesn't fit with your schedule, you can find Queen of Tart goodies at the Alberta Avenue Farmer's Market that runs
year round. Their bread is so worth the calories. We got their seeded baguette today. Wow, I wrote a lot today. Thanks for reading! (You know who I'm talking about)

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