Sunday, January 8, 2012

365 Photo Project - Photo 1

My friend Jinnee is starting to get into photography. She bought herself a DSLR and I'm so excited to have another photo buddy to learn with. She asked me if I was interested in joining her on a 365 Photo Project and I thought it'd be a great idea! The basis for the project is to take one photo a day. If you ask any photographer how does one get better at photography, the simple answer is practice. Jinnee will be focusing on a new theme every week so I will try and follow suite. Just let the record show though, I won't be posting a new photo everyday because lets face it, I'm lazy. Period. I'll just be happy that by the end of the year, I'll have posted 365 photos. Some will be bad, some fair and hopefully by the end of the year I'll fit in a couple goods and maybe even greats! This past week's theme was taking photos in the dark. I have always wanted to try taking photos with a bokeh effect so what better time than at Christmas with all those colorful lights? So I put on my coat and boots at 10:30 Friday night and headed out with Jamie and Khuno to capture a couple of photos at night. The bokeh effect is those circles of lights you see in photos that look oh so cool. I couldn't get my camera to focus very well because my shutter speed was long and my breathing kept moving the camera. Here's my very first attempt at some bokeh! 

My neighbor turned on his lights to check out who the heck was standing on his front lawn. Good thing Khuno is very recognizable. My neighbor very quickly realized I was no hoodlum and went back to watching TV in the dark. In case you're wondering why I took a picture of my watch, it's because I had nothing else to put in front of my camera. 

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