Monday, January 2, 2012


One couldn't have a fabric bouquet and not have fabric boutineires right? I applied the same concept of melting polyester fabrics to create the flower. Family wore the red flowers which I made with melting organza fabric I found at Dollarama. My brother and SIL helped me cut a gajillion circles of various sizes to create over 50 boutineires (we have a lot of family). I also made my brother and SIL cut fabric leaves out for me but when you try and assembly-line mass produce something, quality starts to go downhill. I went back and did some trimming of the leaves to create the shape I wanted. I used hot glue to glue all the layers of the flower together. The leaves had a thin metal wire attached to the back so it would stay straight. I left the wires from the leaves long so I could wrap floral tape around the bottom. The wires were unfortunately really skimpy looking so I had to glue extra triangular pieces of leftover fabric to create that typical look. To wear them, I hot glue gunned clasps on the back so we wouldn't have to use those pokey scary pins that always seem to poke the wearer. 
 Jamie and his two groomsmen had special white organza boutineires with the pop of a red leaf to tie all the colors together. Jamie originally wanted to wear a red bow tie but I vetoed it. I think a bow tie seemed too formal for a fall wedding. Especially since it was outdoors. I will still make him his bow tie to wear for another occasion (that post will come when I actually get to sewing it). 
A good number of boutineires were leftover from my family not wanting to keep them so instead of throwing them out, my friend suggested I post them on kijiji. I'll give that a go in the spring and see what happens. Happy belated new year everyone! Back to the grind as usual tomorrow. 

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