Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wedding Planning or Crochet?

I chose crochet. My brain is getting a little bit overwhelmed with all this wedding planning business. The more poking around on the web I do, the more I want to DIY, the more I stress. So I've decided to focus on 2 things right now: the wedding dress and invitations. Instead of doing either of those two things though, I decided to learn to crochet. Penny taught me a while back but then I left it for so long, I forgot! So Jamie's mom and sister taught me how to do basic crocheting. 
I had no idea what I was going for. I just started a couple rows and figured since it was going well, I'd just continue! So about half way through I decided to make a dishcloth. 
I even finished off all the edges so it'd look more polished hehehe! I just realized that the colors look so different in the photos. The top photo is closer to the real color. 
I had no idea how to "pose" the dishcloth so Jamie told me to put it by dishes! Hahahah it looks a bit ridiculous but oh well! Jamie tried crocheting as well but he's more into knitting. I know, so manly. He's trying to make me a scarf! 
It's cabled on both sides so there's no right and wrong side. So the two of us are wasting time and doing needlecraft instead of wedding planning. Just great. 

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Penny said...

Look at you go!! Crochet QUEEN!! Love it!