Monday, January 24, 2011

Invitation Mock-Up #2

First off, there are no pictures because who wants to ruin the surprise? I had made a sample invite a few weeks ago and found it a little too simple and it actually is the exact replica of my friend, Amber's. The reason I wanted to make that specific invite was because it is the most efficient use of card stock and printing paper. I could print 3 invites on each sheet whereas if I were to make a square invite, I could only print one invite per sheet. Definitely not cost effective. Those who have been to any of my crafting workshops know that I hate wasting paper. I save every little scrap for future use. 

Yesterday I sat down for a few hours and recreated the printed portion of our invitations so we could print portrait instead of landscape. I finally sat down today and spent 2 hours coming up with a mock-up of another style of invite. **Edit** Jamie is upset that I didn't mention that the style of the invite is his idea. I just sat down and made the invite sample. **End edit** I absolutely LOVE it! At first, I was going to just settle with the first invite because it's cost and labour efficient. I asked Jamie what he thought of it and his response was, "I'm okay with it. You're the card person." I really took that to heart because I am a paper crafter and what better time to use those paper crafting skills than for the invitations to my very own wedding?!? 

So the new invitation is way more work and uses more of everything (printing paper, card stock, glue, time) but I'm very very excited about it! Can't wait to show Jamie when he comes home and start ordering supplies once I get the okay. =) I'm glad I got something accomplished today. Off to do some non-wedding related crafting now!