Monday, January 24, 2011

Six-seed Soda Bread

I've been following the 101Cookbooks for some time now and I love the recipes she has on there not only because the photos are gorgeous, but because her recipes are healthy! I attempted to make her version of Six-seed Soda Bread yesterday morning.
The recipe is super easy. I didn't have any spelt flour so I just used whole wheat instead. I also didn't have a lot of the seeds that she used. 
What I did have ended up being flax seed, poppy seed, black sesame seeds and some 8 grain cereal. I ended up with way too much of the seed mixture because I forgot that the seeds she uses are big compared to many of the ones I used. You can kind of see the bowl on the right there with all the leftover seeds. 
I love how easily the dough came together. My one mistake was probably not flattening the dough out enough before putting it in the oven. I used a baking stone and both Jamie and I had no idea how to tell if the bread was done or not! So we took it out at 30 minutes but the middle was still sorta raw so we ate the slice we cut and popped the rest back into the oven with the residual heat. 
The crust was surprisingly delicious! The middle, not so much for me. Probably because we under-baked it but it just tasted like flour. It was also a bit dense but that is probably because I used skim milk with vinegar instead of buttermilk. It didn't look "sour" when I used it but didn't want to add anymore vinegar. The seeds were very cheap from Superstore in the bulk section and it literally took just minutes to prep. If you've never baked bread before, give this recipe a go! 

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