Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ice Cream At 11 PM??

You betcha! Good for the waistline? Absolutely not! But I was looking for a little snack and what better snack then some caramelized bananas on top of vanilla ice cream? 
It might not look super tasty but trust me. If you've never tried it, you must. Now. Tonight. I don't have any actual measurements but just throw some butter into a pan, slice in some bananas and sprinkle on some brown sugar. The key is low heat. Jamie made it once and burnt the bajeebes out of it. It tasted like butt. 
So after about 15 minutes tending to my little bananers, I cranked the heat at the end just to create a bit of crunch on the outside. Remember to cook the bananas thoroughly till they're almost transparent. 
Place the little mounds of yumminess on top of some vanilla ice cream and enjoy! I inhaled mine in approximately 2 minutes, literally. 

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Cynthia and Van Blog said...

mmmm what abt some deep dried banana too mmm