Sunday, January 9, 2011

Deep Freeze Festival 2011

Well it's a blizzard in Edmonton but it's finally stopped snowing. Now the bitter cold will set in. Today my best friend, Liz, found her wedding dress! I'm very excited for her and she looks simple and elegant, exactly what she wanted. I found a 2nd place dress and for $1000 less, it's a close 2nd. I do need to try on the 1st place dress again because it's been a very long time. Just as Liz figured out today, she first tried on this dress in September! After all the wedding stuff, I managed to drag Jamie and Khuno to the Deep Freeze Festival. We didn't get there till about 5 pm and so it was pretty empty from both the weather and lateness. I did manage to snap a few pictures. This first one is of the cool ice sculpting that was going on. 
Can you tell what it is? I'm sure by tomorrow all the sculptures will look amazing, especially this little dino! Definitely one of the coolest! Next picture is this neat-o chair that was carved out of snow! The picture sucks but you get the gist of it! 
Khuno had WAY too much fun. There were so many new things to explore. At one point he managed to poke his head into this tiny 2 foot wide gap in between 2 buildings and both Jamie and I go, "Ew!" and of course we both know humans must pee in that little space. That's probably what attracted Khuno there in the first place! Last couple of pics here. I stopped by the farmer's market they had going on and picked up some SWEET mittens. 
The company is called Sew Cozy Mittens and she sews these mittens out of recycled felted wool sweaters! How cool is that?!? I love the retro-ness of the designs and I also love how FAT they are! They are seriously like little oven mitts! She didn't just have retro patterns though folks. There were also some colorful ones and solid colored ones. For a mere $25, I just couldn't resist. And as she oh so nicely pointed out, my current Vancouver 2010 Olympic mittens have a huge gaping hold. I love the feel of them so much I bought a pair for Jamie! 
This pair is not nearly as nice (especially in the photo) but it was the most masculine pair there. Conveniently, they fit my hands too! And yes, Jamie and I have the same sized hands. I have long fingers and he has a longer palm so we even out to the same length. Since the mittens are so oven mitt like, it even fits Jamie's ridiculously wide palms! Sew Cozy Mittens currently does not have a table at the farmer's market but she said she is planning on setting up one. Definitely check her out or if you're just itching to buy a pair, you can email her at 
Now if you happened to click on the first mitten picture and noticed a long white pubic hair like thing on the mitten, I just wanted to clarify that it is Khuno fur. And no, our pubes are not white. 

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