Friday, January 21, 2011

I have the wrong number?

I just wanted to share a quick bedtime story because it cracks me up and we all know going to bed happy means you wake up happy. 

A piece of background information for you before I tell the story. Jamie's mom, Ngoc, likes sleeping in. I don't mean sleeping in like how I sleep in till 12 but she likes to get her beauty rest till about 9:00-10:00 AM. We were at Jamie's parents for supper a few weeks ago and his parents live in Millwoods. Now I'm not being racist here but we all know there are a lot of East Indian homeowners in Millwoods. I'm not even exaggerating! The neighbors on his parents' either side are both East Indian. One day, the neighbor on their left comes a knocking and asks to borrow their phone because hers was broken. Being nice neighbors, of course Jamie's parents said yes. 

Fast forward a week. It's about 6:30 AM and Ngoc's phone rings. Worried that it may be an emergency since the call was so early, she crawls out of bed to the phone. Now I'll try to tell the story of how Ngoc told us. 

"Oooooyyyy!!! They call me and ask for Indian! They call sooooo earleee oooyyyy. Make me mad! She use the phone and all these people call my house. I get mad! I tell them I NOT INDIAN!!! I VIETNAMESE! I MAD and I say that! I NOT INDIAN!"

Cracks. Me. Up.