Sunday, March 11, 2012

Honeymoon Booking

On top of the many other things that we need to get done, the most exciting is the booking of our honeymoon. Jamie and I have only ever been on one trip together as a couple. It was our second Valentine's day together and we drove down to Banff for a weekend of ski/boarding. There was so much snow fall that cars couldn't make it up the mountain to get to Sunshine. The only cars that were making it up were the SUVs with 4 wheel drive. We had Jamie's Cavalier at the time so after sitting in the car and waiting over an hour with the rest of the poor sedans, we decided to go into town and book a walk instead. All of the other vacations we have taken have been with family or friends so I am beyond excited to get to explore the vast continent of Europe with my hubby. He's been there before but we are hitting up some cities that he's never been to, like London and Amsterdam. Our big flights are booked so we are flying from YEG to LHR (direct) and our return flight is from BCN to YEG (not direct). We just booked our flights from Paris to Rome tonight. Now we need to look for Amsterdam to Paris and all the little mini train rides in Italy. 

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Yay!!!!! Baby making time lol