Saturday, March 17, 2012

366 Photo Project - Photo 27: Chicken Oreganato

If you are blaming the iPhone photos for the food looking crappy, you are only half correct. The food doesn't look appetizing in the picture because it really didn't look appetizing in person. If you haven't discovered the Meal Planning 101 blog yet, hop on over because Kindra has got some amazing recipes, weekly menus and awesome pictures to go with it all. Her food always looks amazing and makes you want to try her recipes ASAP. She recently posted a recipe called Chicken Oreganato, super simple to make with ingredients that we always have on hand. Well, except the chicken thigh part actually, but we picked some boneless/skinless thighs at Costco. Her recipe didn't have the squash in it, but we had some in the fridge that needed eating so I threw it on top. Not the smartest thing to do because the amount of water in the squash was insane. Needless to say, the thighs just boiled in all the water. Even with a ton of broil time, it just roasted the parchment and not the chicken. I also didn't salt the chicken enough so it was really bland. I did use the juice of a whole lemon rather than 1/2 like her recipe calls for and it was a very mild lemon flavor. I blame the massive amounts of squash liquid floating around the pan. I may attempt this chicken again in the future, but this recipe will get tucked away for now. We paired the chicken with some tomato pesto whole wheat rotini and a very delicious glass bottle of red wine. The wine was so delicious that Jamie and I finished the entire bottle and fell asleep on the couch at 8. Oh married life, how sweet it is.  

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Cynthia and Van Blog said...

Thanks for linking the site, they have a version of Earls warm potato salad I am excited to try!!