Sunday, March 18, 2012

366 Photo Project - Photo 29: Topbox

I signed up for something called Topbox a while ago. They have exploded and were sold out until February. It's a simple concept really. You pay $10.50 a month and you get a lovely little sample of beauty products shipped to you. You can cancel at any time and they try to match the colors/items to your style. Last month, I got some Yves St. Laurent stuff like under eye concealer and mascara, some body cream, Pari eye shadow and Shu Uemera shampoo. 
It comes in a cute little tube every month. I have yet to find a use for these tubes. I'm thinking it possibly storing markers because it can keep them horizontal. 
Here's what came this month! MUFE mascara, Mark lip gloss/stain, Mark nail polish, Redken shampoo/conditioner and Simple facial wipes. 
I haven't tried the nail polish yet but I'm loving the lip gloss. It's an orangy color that I would have never picked out for myself but once it goes on, it just gives my lips a nice bit of extra pinky oomph. 
I just noticed this picture is upside down... You can still see the colors though so I'm going to opt not to re-upload. There a several other companies out there that do something very similar. One is Loose Button aka Luxe Box. Another one is Beauty Box 5. I'd love to try the Luxe Box but all subscriptions are sold out =(  

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