Monday, March 26, 2012

366 Photo Project - Photo 31: Meatballs?

That's right folks, those are meatballs the size of flippin' tennis balls. I'm really enjoying how I managed to capture Jamie's hand in there dropping down that hefty ball. We should have weighed them to see. It actually reminds me of the meatballs that my BFF made because they were also very ginormous, but the funny thing is I never told Jamie about them. Great minds think alike? Or perhaps meat lovers think alike. I think it's the latter. 
Jamie combined ground pork and beef, threw in a bunch of oregano, onions, garlic, panko and I'm not really sure what else. He did salt them but as we all critiqued, he didn't salt them enough. I think the sheer size of the meatball prevented any of the salty sauce to even put a dent into the thing. He was trying to recreate the meatball in tomato sauce appetizer at Famosa's. It was so delicious that we literally wanted to pick up the bowl and lap it up. Instead we did the civilized thing and scrapped the bowl clean with the bread that came with it. This meatball-fest was last Sunday for our The Walking Dead season finale party so we invited my brother and SIL. Even my brother said the meatballs were too big. Jamie's response, "It's awesome." 

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