Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Overview

Okay it's late and the layout of these photos is crap but I don't care. I just wanted to do a quick share of my weekend before I head to bed. Pretty random pictures but I'll explain briefly. For the wedding, Jamie retrieved a massive box of old family photos to do our slideshow. Instead of returning the massive box as is, he really wanted to organize the photos. I bet he's regretting the decision now because I made him organize and sort the entire weekend. We stopped by Walmart and purchased some albums. The top four albums hold 440 photos each and the two black albums are the old school sticky pages type because a lot of his parents' old photographs are odd sizes. And I threw in the picture of a new cereal I picked up because how can you not? Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal! We stayed up till past 1 AM working on it. Jamie wasn't impressed because he had class this morning. After his class ended today, I was craving cheese fondue and I had ciabatta bread going stale so we had some of that for lunch. I was also craving eggs and we had leftover steak so we ate that too! Breakfast of champions as Jamie put it. I eventually got sick of the bread and cheese and opted for a Granny Smith apple with cheese. It helped up my cheese consumption and we managed to finish the entire thing. 
On Saturday I purchased a spiffy new pair of TOMS shoes. Loving them so far. G'nite blogland!  

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