Sunday, February 5, 2012

365 Photo Project - Photo 19

It was a boring old Friday morning, Jamie and I were finished breakfast and getting ready to leave the house when we noticed something amazing. Not a word of a lie, that is the gorgeous sunrise we caught while looking outside our kitchen window. I was so blown away by the beauty that I tried taking a picture through the kitchen window through the gross mesh screen. Jamie, being the smart one, suggested I take the photo from the balcony window. So this photo was actually taken while we were indoors through our balcony sliding doors. The colors were breathtaking. It lasted all about 5 minutes before the sky turned to the gross gray/blue color again. I complain about my home all the time and the amount of reno/work we've had to put into it and will have to put into it, but it was mornings like that which make me remember why we love our little home. 

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