Thursday, February 9, 2012

365 Photo Project - Photo 21: Blanket For Ali

 I don't think I ever got a chance to share lil Porkie with you guys. Everyone, meet lil Porkie. He is a porcupine pin cushion that I sewed a couple months ago after I got frustrated with containers of pins. I stuffed Porkie with rocks on the bottom to keep him stable, pillow stuffed the rest of him and on his front right side, I stuck a magnet. The original tutorial can be found here. Theirs is much cuter because they managed to find tan colored felt. I checked Dollarama, Michaels and Fabricland, but no tan felt could be found so Porkie is a touch dark. I'm kinda sad I purchased black head pins because they blend in with Porkie's dark skin and also my carpet! I dropped a couple pins and although I'm pretty sure I located most of them, I can't confidently say I found them all. This is my second flannel blanket and it was actually a bit harder this time around. Instead of laying the warp and weft together on both pieces, I tried to maximize my fabric by laying it together with warp against weft. Meaning: One piece was stretchy left and right, the other piece I put stretchy up and down. It didn't work so well with the sewing bit. That darn stripped flannel kept stretching and stretching. I'm not sure if that was 100% the problem but I'm sure it didn't help. The next one I sew I'll do a bit of a test. Regardless, I think the blanket turned out great! This time I attached the label using Heat & Bond and threw some stitching on either side for extra hold. Finished it off with a super cute pink ribbon and baby card! 

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