Tuesday, February 21, 2012

366 Photo Project - Photo 24: Pup

Not sure if you noticed, but I've officially changed the title to 366 Photo Project because of the leap year! We stopped by the dog park on Saturday and let Khuno run off leash for a bit. There was a lady there with 2 itty bitty dogs that were loaded with energy. They were the only 2 dogs that kept running around so of course, the big dogs followed suit and ran around for the chase! I was so worried about the little pup when the owner turns to me and goes, "Don't worry, she's used to big dogs. She can hold her own." Sure enough, as one dog was getting a bit too far up in her grill, she growled back and tried to snap at it's neck. She could never manage to hurt any of the big dogs but boy, she's feisty! Not only that, she was super cuddly and cute! Just came bopping along towards me and my camera and struck a pose. Speaking of posing and dogs, did any of you watch the Westminster Dog Show over the weekend? The pekingese won best in show 2012! I would've never predicted that but it's already won numerous times! 

Dogs make me happy.

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