Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My First Flannel Blanket

I managed to sew my very first flannel blanket for little baby Ethan a couple weekends ago. I have never sewn a blanket before but as Jamie would say, "How hard can it be?" I purchased some flannel and after getting a friend to help me wash and dry some of it in her nice front loading washer, I cut out two large rectangles. I put the "right" sides facing each other and had to lay it out on the floor to pin it because the table just wasn't big enough. After pinning it, I took a large bowl to trace the rounded corners and trimmed off the excess fabric to make a nice straight edge to sew along. I sewed a 1/4" seam along the entire edge, leaving about 5" to flip the blanket right side out. I stitched up the hole by hand and then did a decorative zigzag stitch along the edge about a 1/2" in. Turned out super cute. I found a lady that makes her own labels by stamping on ribbon and heat setting the ink. I tried it and haven't hard yet if it washed out or not. I attached it to the blanket using the heat & bond stuff to hem pants with, but I should have added some stitching too. Hopefully the label stays and the words too! Jamie was madly knitting a little toque for Ethan. It turned out more like a knitted helmet. He stitched on a lightning bolt so I told him, "You do realize that people will call him Harry Potter now right?" We paired all of that with a little gift set from Birth Source for some natural bum cleaning stuff. Is the blanket perfect? Nope. Do I, Penny or Ethan care? Nope. (I hope)

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