Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Update!

It was one busy weekend! I had to work both Thursday and Friday evening. We ended up going to Cafe Select downtown for Julie's birthday dinner. I don't think I have ever eaten there but I did try to go for dessert there once with some girlfriends. The lady asked us if we were going to eat and we told her we'd be ordering desserts. The lady refused to seat us because we were only going to order desserts! Well anyways, on Friday the experience was no better. We got there and for groups larger than 8, they charge an automatic 18% gratuity. We had 14 (I think) in total. I'll just do a quick run through of the evening. We ordered the Wild Mushroom Fondue for 4 to start and a "dinner" to share. The "dinner" was part of Downtown Dining week and came with calamari, chicken florentine and creme caramel. The mushroom fondue came over 30 minutes later but the chefs accidentally put wine in it. We opted to not get it replaced and instead ordered 2 entrĂ©es, mac & cheese and linguine with prawns. The waitress clarifies the order because she thought I wanted mac & cheese with prawns so I tell her, "No, mac & cheese and the linguine with prawns". Another 30+ minutes go by and the linguine and chicken come. After we finish those, 20 minutes go by and the waitress comes to clear our plates. We tell her that we're still waiting for the mac and cheese. Turns out, the waitress thought I had just wanted the linguine with prawns. As the waitress points out, "Bad things don't usually happen to the same table." The final strike is for dessert, she comes to us and goes, "We're actually all out of the creme caramel but we can give you a creme brule". That worked out for the better but at the end of the day this is what we got. Mediocre tasting overpriced food that took way to long to find it's way out of the kitchen. Not sure if the kitchen was having a bad night or what the deal was but our lovely waitress still got her %18 gratuity despite us having, well, no food! Did she do anything for us to make up for the kitchen's issues? Of course, she did not. That place has officially been crossed off my list of places to go. Onto somewhere that was tasty now! 
We had a surprise engagement party for Le Bao at Kyoto. We all shared a bunch of different items and it was not only affordable and delicious, but it was faster and they actually got our orders correct. After dinner, we had a night of games for Le Bao and it was great fun! It's too bad I had to work all darn weekend and with daylight savings, we lost 1 hour of fun times that could've been had yesterday. As Murphy's law always works, today also had to be insanely busy at work. I ended up working straight from 9:15-4:15 and took my lunch break at 4:15. I couldn't even fill myself up on water in between clients because then I'd need to find a bathroom! I got home not long ago and decided it was time for another drink. 
One might call this ghetto sangria but as Julie pointed out, it's actually quite classy! Why? If Sorrentino's can use their house red wine with Oasis fruit punch to make sangria and charge $8, I'd call that classy! Cheers! 


Anonymous said...


What is up? I can't sleep because of the time change and Mare and me went to Garden and had some crazy cafeneiene

Julie said...

Yes I agree, I am not down for Cafe Select ever again... it was not a great experience with that restaurant!! Sorry i dragged you guys all out there... Next time melting pot for sure.
On a positive note, I can't wait to try out that sangria!

Anonymous said...

Harrow again!

Cafe Select eh? More like Cafe Unselect!!! Har har har