Thursday, March 17, 2011

Laksa Attempt.

Does that photo look familiar? I had posted about eating Marilyn's famous Laksa a couple weeks ago. While I was grocery shopping in chinatown, I stumbled across a jar of laksa sauce. The directions on it seemed quite simple. Put in the jar of laksa sauce with water, add toppings and eat. That's exactly what I did! I took the entire little jar of laksa sauce (no photo, sorry!) and fried it in a pot. The oil splatter was so intense I only managed to fry the mix for about 10 seconds. I doused it with chicken broth and water and put a lid on it. The little jar packs some intense flavor! I only needed to add extra water and a touch of fish sauce. I finished it off with some coconut milk. 
Not nearly as many toppings as Marilyn but I was too lazy to leave the house. I harassed Jamie to pick up bean sprouts though because I wanted a bit more veggies in the dish. I served it just like Marilyn did with vermicelli noodles. 
The broth wasn't as tasty as Marilyn's but it was good enough. I'll need to bug her for her secret. Perhaps it's the special shrimp paste that her mom makes. Daisy was over for supper and she also mentioned this homemade paste. 
Sorta weird to throw in a picture of bread but I'm doing it anyways. This is what Jamie baked up on Monday. He got a little Amish Friendship Bread starter from someone at work. Those are always fun. I'll be sharing the love with Daisy, Arlie and Marilyn. =) 

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