Monday, March 21, 2011

Benefiel Yeast Rolls

I stumbled onto a blog called Goodeness Gracious a while back and her wealth of recipes hooked me in. The first recipe that I saw and wanted to try was these yummy Benefiel Yeast Rolls. I loved how the original recipe was on this scrap of old paper. Yesterday we had some friends over for supper so I decided to give this recipe a go. You can find the full recipe here
 It was super easy to make and the rise time isn't as long as you'd think. 
 This is the risen dough after about 1 1/2 hours. I just turned on the oven for a quick second and turned it off. Popped the dough in the warm oven to rise and it worked like a charm! 
 After the dough rises, you need to cut it up and let it rise again. The picture above is before the dough had a chance to rise a second time. I don't have a picture of the second rising because it deflated really quickly and I needed to get them in the oven asap! 
 Notice how insanely browned the bottoms are? The recipe called for 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes. These little pockets of tasty were only in the oven for 8 minutes! I think the next time I make these, I might try 375 and keep a closer eye on them. They were very very tasty and definitely worth making. 
Thought I'd share what Jamie was doing while I was baking. Walking a white fluffy dog in the spring is not fun. 

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Julie said...

Ahem, so THIS is what you were baking?? I'm glad it was yummy and worth it! Fantastic picture of the dough in the baking trays... very artistic.