Saturday, March 5, 2011

Marilyn's Famous Laksa!

So yesterday Jamie and I had the honor of eating at Jason and Marilyn's house. What was the special occasion? Why, it was Jason's birthday! I just thought I'd share a couple photos of the delicious meal that Marilyn prepared. The photos were taken with my iPhone using an app called Camera +. Definitely worth $0.99! 
You start with a bowl of plain vermicelli noodles and then top it with an assortment of yummy items. Mar's prepped a huge amount for us to choose from as you can see from the picture. 
Finish it off with some spicy hot broth and dig in! I was really greedy with the toppings so I wasn't able to fit in round 2. Definitely something we'll need to try making in the future. Maybe with less toppings because man, that's a lot of prep! Thanks Marilyn for a tasty meal and we owe Jason a big thank you too for being born so that we could have this yummy birthday meal with you. 

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