Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jamie's 17 Day Diet Adventure Begins...

We normally have a lot of veggies in our fridge anyways but boy, this is really pushing it! Jamie and Penny have decided to start on a new diet adventure. It's called the 17 Day Diet. The concept is relatively simple. For 17 days, you're supposed to reset your metabolism by eating:
1. Vegetables
2. 2 servings of fruit (orange, grapefruit, apples, pears) before 2:00 PM. 
3. Eating lean meats (chicken breasts, fish, turkey)
4. No grains or grain products. 

On top of all that, you must drink 2L of water a day and exercise 17 minutes. I tried to be supportive and join Jamie on this adventure because lets face it folks, if Jamie didn't cook for me, I'd be eating instant noodles all day. I haven't been a very good motivator though. We eat dinner at our parents' house every Monday/Tuesday. We can't control what is cooked for us. Yesterday I had asked my mom to cut extra lettuce because of Jamie's diet. Every time my mom offered Jamie something to eat, I had to reject on behalf of him. My mom could only shake her head. 

Today we went to Jamie's parents and his sister had cooked Shanghai noodles... Good thing she made a salad on the side!! I ate the delicious carb-ful noodles and he ate the salad. Gotta take one for the team right? 

If you go back to the top fridge photo, you'll see the lovely containers of soup that we'll be eating for the next two days. Minestrone. 

To recap dinners: 
Day 1: Lemon grass chicken salad Vietnamese style. 
Day 2: Grilled shallots and chicken nappa cabbage salad, once again, Vietnamese style.  

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