Thursday, April 28, 2011

Favor Boxes!

I was poking around Michael's this week and you know how it goes. You wander around just hunting for something to spend your 40% off coupon on. This was no different, except I had more than one thing I wanted needed. Luckily there was also a 25% off your entire purchase coupon so I hunted just a wee bit harder. Wandering down the wedding aisle, I stumbled onto favor boxes. There were all sorts! Square, plastic squares, reusable bamboo squares, pillow boxes etc etc. I wanted to spend very minimally on the containers that would hold our favors because I know people just throw away to packaging. The sale sign said $21.99 and with my extra 25% off coupon, it was a steal of a deal for each pack of 100. That'd work out to $0.16/box! Not too pricey but also not that cheap... I asked Jamie's mom to see if she can pick up cellophane baggies in Vietnam. I was very specific and even gave her a sample of the high quality cellophane I wanted. If she managed to find some at a sweet deal in the right size... Actually by the time I see them, she would have already purchased them and flown back to Canada with them! I may just need to use them because I'm technically stuck with them! Lets just keep our fingers crossed that they are either gorgeous cello bags or she didn't manage to find any. 

The wedding is really starting to stress me out. I've had 3 wedding nightmares so far and they were all the same theme. C.H.A.O.S. I can't wait till this wedding business is done!

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