Friday, April 29, 2011

Diet Day 4

I can't believe it's only been 4 days. I have cheated on numerous occasions already and I don't know how Jamie is doing it. I downloaded a calorie counting app just to see how many calories I'm consuming with this no starch/carb business. The app is telling me that if I wanted to lose 4 lbs by June 1, 2011 I'd need to eat 1290 calories a day. Yesterday I ended up eating 2070 calories but I did Bellyfit for an hour so I was only over by 438. Today I only went 325 calories over. Here's a quick breakdown of today. 
178 cal - Leek omelette with 2 eggs 
 10 cal - coffee with So Nice Unsweetened 
Morning Snack
224 cal - Activia Vanilla yogurt with frozen berries and Go Lean Crunch 
 20 cal - Small coffee with 1 cream
244 cal - BBQ'd salmon
206 cal - Homemade minestrone soup
Afternoon Snack
105 cal - Banana
 23 cal - Tomato 
Evening Snack
 20 cal - Medium coffee with 1 cream (I know! Same as a small!)
 60 cal - Lemon dill hummus
  8 cal - Cucumber
 90 cal - Crispy Minis Sour Cream and Onion
305 cal - BBQ Steak (I caved 2 nights in a row... I hate fish)
150 cal - Homemade baked french fries (Jamie knows me)

So overall it wasn't a bad day but boy I'm feeling really cranky without my yummy starches. Even today for my evening snack as I was munching on the hummus (which is cheating already!) and cucumber, I was so dissatisfied with the cucumber that I almost gagged. And I normally like cucumber! 

Yesterday's dinner I tried making cauliflower mash as Penny made it for her first diet dinner. I roasted up 4 heads, yes HEADS of garlic and added it to one steamed cauliflower. Dumped in some soy milk, a touch of salt and Bamixed that sucker. It was NOT TASTY! It plays such a cruel trick on your mind! It looks like mashed potato but tastes like bleh. I told Jamie I'd rather eat just plain steamed cauliflower than this mash of bleh-ness. And Jamie knew I wasn't fairing well with fish so he bought some lean steak which turned out to be leather steak. To recap my dinner, it included mashed bleh, tough leather steak and a cut up tomato. Can you guess what was the best part of the meal? Ding ding! Tomato for the win! 

Jamie is doing way better than I am. That's probably also why he lost 6 lbs already and I lost none. 

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