Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend. I've been going non-stop since Friday and I'm glad I had a restful Monday off. We had a Valentine's Day themed girls' night. We needed to wear and bring food that was either red, pink or white. 
Unfortunately we forgot to take a group photo but as you can see, it was super fun with all the matching colors! As for food, we had a huge assortment! 
Marilyn not only made meatloaf with heart shaped ketchup topping, but she also got ENGAGED!!! She strategically planted her promise ring into some mini banana loaves that she baked. After coaxing us girls to eat the loaves all night, we finally discovered this ring in the midst of all these loaves. First thought? "Sick, who left their ring in the banana bread?" That's when Marilyn put her hands up to her face exclaiming, "I've been looking for it all day!" I'm not drawing a very good picture, but she basically had her engagement ring on while she was exclaiming. Very sneaky of her! And yes, she claims she cleaned the ring first.
We also had red nachos with red salsa and pink sour cream, heart shaped pizzas with a bunch of red toppings and a beet salad. After all the eating, we decorated our own mailboxes and handed out Valentine's Day cards! 
We even had a special visit from cupid! 
And to finish off the big day today, I made a card for Jamie. As you can tell I sorta misjudged my word placement. Oh well! 
P.S. The card isn't my design. I CASEd it from Kristina Werner. You can see her original card here

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