Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Peanut Butter Hummus

While doing our regular Tuesday night grocery shopping, I walked by the pita breads and had a little craving. So I asked Jamie if we should buy some pitas and make hummus. It was easy deciding whether or not to buy the pitas but the question was, should we buy the cute little ones or the big ones? Were the little cute ones whole wheat? Nope. Would they taste better? Yup! Not because of their wee little size but the yummy white flouriness of them. So after we decided to go for whole wheat, I asked Jamie if we should get the 6 pack for $2.98 or the 18 pack for $5.49. "18 pack 18 pack!!!" I put three "!" because he was actually excited. Kind of like a little kid in a candy store saying, "Yes yes yes, I want candy!"
I came across a recipe on How Sweet It Is for Peanut Butter Hummus and I knew I wanted to give it a go. We've made hummus before and it's been delicious so really, as Jamie would say, "How hard can it be?" I didn't want to just use peanut butter so as you can tell from the picture, I threw in a big spoonful of both tahini (although I just noticed it says tahina on the bottle...) and peanut butter. Cracked open a can of chick peas and poured off a bit of the liquid. A secret I learnt from someone at work was to thin out the hummus with the left over liquid instead of oil. You'd think this person was saving calories but oh no no. She finishes off her hummus with a nice heaping drizzle of olive oil. 
I know the picture looks absolutely like chunky corn vomit after a glass of soy milk but it did indeed taste pretty gross! I added way too much peanut butter and I also tasted it before I added salt. I made Jamie try it and he's like, "Ugh...did you follow the recipe?" My response was, "Pffft, we never follow the actual recipe! I just know she puts in peanut butter!" I end up getting Jamie to squeeze in another whole lemon and we add in a bunch of salt and garlic. 
That's the lovely fluffy hummus we ended up with. It starts off with a bang of peanut butter when it touches your tongue and then ends off with the lovely stench of garlic. Will I be sharing this lovely creation at work? You betcha. 

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