Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bandana Bibs!

Using store bought bibs has been frustrating because they all leave a gaping hole around the neck. We use these bibs from IKEA and love them. Super cheap, easy to wash and often I can reuse the bib more than once since I can use a spoon to scrape some food off the bib. The problem with them is that I can't make it small enough so I find myself using two bibs, one fabric one underneath to protect Charlotte's neck and then a plastic one on top to protect her clothes! Even then, the fabric ones don't always suck everything up because they also fit too loose. That's when Pinterest came to the rescue! Making my own bibs allows me to make them fit Charlotte's tiny neck and the bandana look makes them look uber cute. The pattern I used can be found here. Super simple. I used a cheap terry fabric with PUL lining on the back that can be found at Fabricland for the back and then some random fabrics on the front such as flannel and cotton. I did have to buy some KAM snaps and a set of snap pliers but well worth it! They turned out super cute and I'm so happy with the tutorial. Give it a go, you won't regret it. 

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