Tuesday, May 1, 2012

366 Photo Project - Photo 45: Khuno Turns 4

Khuno recently celebrated his 4th birthday! People say this about their children all the time, but I'm going to say it about my dog. I can't believe it's been 4 years since we got him. He's growing up so fast and in human years, he's 32. Getting close to his papa Jamie's age! He gave me some mega new mom syndrome when we first got him. We were sleep deprived and so irritable with all this bad habits. He didn't listen and he pooped and peed in the house all the time. Fast forward 4 years and he's had a few accidents here and there. He listens sometimes and he's ran off after a rabbit twice. He can manage to be off leash at the dog park and not run away. He can also be off leash in the Gold Bar dog park on the trail that runs along the river, but we turn around the moment we see/hear ducks in the river. The one time we couldn't distract him from the ducks, he jumped into the river to chase them. His pulling on walks continues to drive me crazy but at least he only pulls when there's a reason now. It's either he needs to poop, there's another life form in front, a white car is driving by, or there's a hint of scent that something has left behind. Despite all the headaches and sometimes inconvenient responsibilities of a dog, I would love to have another samoyed. The love they show you when you walk in the house and the forced snuggles I get out of Khuno far outweigh the headaches. Happy birthday my Khuno-muno. 

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