Monday, September 2, 2013

Annalise - 7 Weeks

Can't believe that my sweet lil niece, Annalise, is already 2 months old! +Cynthia Chau wanted to capture monthly photos of the lil peanut so we snapped some shots before we left for vacation. She might look like she's all calm and sweet here, but don't let those sweet cheeks fool you! She was crying and fussing throughout the whole thing. This was a mere couple minutes of calm, cool and collected right after she was finished being fed (which had to be done a few times throughout the photo op!). I still can't believe how big her eyes are and her lashes are getting so long. She's more alert now and following objects around with her eyes. As you can tell from the picture, she's got some pretty sick deltoids developing. And can one deny that she's got the Tran family nose? Yah... didn't think so. Poor thing. 

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