Saturday, April 6, 2013

Canon CP900 Selphy

My friend, +Jinnee Barazzuol told me about a printer that she bought not long ago as she embarked on her 2013 Handbook Album and it peaked my interest in the idea. With my Project Life album well on its way... into May 2012... I figured it might not hurt to have the convenience of a small home printer. What I've typically done in the past was pick a weekend where I'd sit down and go hard at PL, figuring out layouts, creating collages, uploading photos. I'd print months at a time and just load them up to Costco because it was convenient for Jamie to pick up. But the idea of being able to print the photos and slot them in within minutes was appealing! I trusted that +Jinnee Barazzuol did her research and she had no complaints about the printer she got so I hoped onto and ordered myself a Canon CP900 Selphy and 2 extra ink cartridges and paper. I could have swung by Staples to pick it up but why, when I could get it delivered straight into my hands? Many reviews talk about a line that runs down the left hand edge of the phone and I unfortunately have to admit that the line exists. The good news: it doesn't always show up! I had lines on all 5 photos that I printed with the test cartridge that came with the printer. After loading in a new ink cartridge and a full package of 18 sheets of paper, the line disappeared! I'm not sure if the line will reappear once I run low on paper/ink again, but the convenience definitely outweighs the line. 

A few things that I like: 
- Good quality photos
- No drying time required
- Convenient and easy to use software
- Can print from smartphone app
- Photos are coated and supposedly last 100+ years
- Small compact size means I could take it on a trip with me
- Did I mention it was uber convenient?

Things I don't fancy: 
- Slightly smaller than 4x6 size (the perforated edges take off some extra paper
- The cost per photo is as much as I would pay through a professional printer
- The dreaded line (sometimes)
- Glossy paper (I'm a matte fan)

In the end, I'm happy I bought the cute little printer. It is a lot smaller than I anticipated. If you look at the picture I uploaded, the 4x6 photo can be used to compare the size of the actual printer. Not much bigger at all then a standard 4x6 photo. Do you print your photos at home? What printer do you use? Do you even print photos anymore? How do you archive your photos? I'd love to hear ideas! 

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