Thursday, January 3, 2013

Who Needs a Trim?

Or a weed whacker? One may think that Jamie's hair isn't too bad based on the above photo but here's a different perspective. The photo above was taken just before we left the house. We had a plan that Saturday: coffee at Credo, baked deliciousness at Dauphine's and most importantly, a visit to Maqxter's. You might be thinking, "Oh it's not that bad..." but trust me folks, I'm going to show you what I have to contend with.   

That's what his hair really looks like. One. Giant. Fro. Who would have thought an Asian in his 30s could have such luscious hair? Not me. But as always, Jamie proves to be something else. Something special. It's amazing how a hair cut can slim down a face and for $15 including tax and tip, I'd say it was money well spent! 

You didn't think I'd leave without showing you the outcome of the haircut did you? I don't remember if I insisted on a haircut first or not but my inkling is I did because who really wants to go sit in a coffee shop with big hair boy? 
Much better. 

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