Tuesday, August 7, 2012

366 Photo Project - Photo 51: Olympics

That's right folks, it's throwback time! I thought I'd share this rare photo I have in spirit of the Olympics. Can you recognize the fine gentleman in the photo? Better yet, can you recognize the young adolescent female? The photo below is of myself and Olympic gold medalist, Simon Whitfield! He came to visit our humble grocery store, Save On Foods over 10 years ago. All the girls were starstruck and I was working in the photo lab at that time. I remember we all gushed and asked, "Should we ask for a photo?" and the front end manager said, "Sure why not?" I was so excited to get the photos developed that I accidentally opened the camera before I had a chance to roll the film! I gasped and slammed the camera shut, saving all the photos. That's why you see the exposed red streak along the side. It worked out, giving Simon a nice place to put his autograph. He didn't fair so well today in London but he's an amazing athlete nonetheless. Thanks for the photo Simon! 

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