Monday, December 12, 2011

Liz's Garter

It's super past both mine and Liz's wedding but I still want to share some of the crafting that was done for our weddings. Garters aren't all that expensive but I really wanted to make one for Liz. Why you might ask? What didn't I want to make for our wedding? I thought it would be super easy to do. I had a general idea of how to piece it together so really... how hard could it be? 

Well sadly, I thought that the elastic lace would create enough of a band to go around the leg. As you can tell from the picture, that itty bitty amount of elastic from the lace just wasn't going to cut it. So after sewing it the first round, I had to go back and find some actual elastic to sew onto the garter. Wasn't easy considering my needle wasn't made to go through such thick material and I'm just not all that great at sewing. In the end, it all worked out. Just don't look at it too closely. I tried to disguise my bad sewing job with a nicely tied bow!

After sewing one garter, I definitely didn't want to sew another so I told Jamie that he must catch the garter at Liz's wedding. Catch it he did! Phew!

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