Friday, June 24, 2011

Surprise Bridal Shower.

I mentioned a couple posts ago that my lovely work family threw me a surprise bridal shower. We had some delicious food and some fun games. Many of you have probably played the "make a wedding dress with toilet paper" game but perhaps not many of you have played the greener version of it. The girls at work know I'm a bit of a recycling nazi so instead of toilet paper, they used newsprint paper from The Edmonton Journal! After we were finished, we just threw the whole lot into a recycling bag. Much nicer and more sanitary than reusing toilet paper. If you're wondering where the inspiration for the dress came from, it's from a show called... My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC. Apparently they love big slutty dresses on there. That's why my cup size grew to a C in this photo. You can't see it, but they also made my butt grow a couple sizes too. 
Daisy's cousin also made me a stunning cake. It was her first time using marshmallow fondant and it turned out amazing. The cake was an Oreo cake. Thanks again work family. You guys rock!

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